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Partnership with Cassida Company

Partnership with Cassida Company

Mastersky Group and Cassida are excited to announce the launch of a new partnership in Kazakhstan! Get ready to embrace the future of self-service with the collaboration of two industry leaders.

Cassida is a renowned manufacturer of cutting-edge banknote and coin processing equipment of the new generation. Their technologies have earned the trust of customers worldwide, ensuring reliable and flawless operation of financial systems. Now, this unparalleled expertise joins forces with the strength of Mastersky Group, a company recognized as a leader in innovative solutions and self-service.

This mutually beneficial collaboration promises to bring entirely new solutions to the realm of self-service, developing modern and technological products that enhance the experience of financial transactions.

Our mission is to create convenient and innovative solutions that improve people's daily lives. We firmly believe that our partnership with Cassida will unlock new opportunities to develop groundbreaking technologies in the field of self-service, capable of changing the standards of financial handling and simplifying the lives of our customers.

We are thrilled to collaborate with Cassida and confident that together, we will create unique and outstanding solutions that will lead to a new era in banknote and coin processing. Stay tuned for updates and expect significant news about technological breakthroughs that our joint partnership will bring!

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