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Machine Assisted Document Verification

Machine Assisted Document Verification

How to automate scanning and document verification in self-service devices?

The Regula document reader is the best for these purposes. It is built into the body of the kiosk and integrated with its software. This allows us to verify the authenticity of documents. The "Regula" scanner works with passports, ID cards, driver's licenses, visas, and other documents.

If you have a Face ID camera, fingerprint scanner, and hand or retinal scanner, you can perform automated verification or user registration without the use of human factors (depending on the legislation of the country).

In which areas the self-service kiosks with the "Regula" scanner can be used:
• Border Points
• Visa Centers
• Hotel Industry
• Mobile service providers
• Banking and Finance Institutions
• Rent-a-car

Master Sky Group has ready-made solutions for self-service kiosks, and we can develop and produce a kiosk for your business with your design.

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