Privacy policy of "Mastersky group"

Privacy policy

1. Scope of Privacy Policy

This privacy policy ("Privacy Policy") describes the order of personal data processing collected via the website (hereinafter — Website) or its related tools or services, set by Prostye Terminaly LLP «Master Sky» (hereinafter — Company). The company collects and processes users’ personal data according to The Republic of Kazakhstan federal law 94-V, dated 21 May 2013, “On personal data and its protection” and to international agreements, ratified by the The Republic of Kazakhstan on all mentioned occasions.
This Policy is designed in correlation with regulations of The Republic of Kazakhstan.

Please, become familiar with this Policy before using the Website.

By using any tools, services or features of the Website or by just browsing it, You (User) claim being familiar with, understanding and accepting all terms of the Policy including all special rules and regulations and are to follow them without exclusions.
Please, carefully read the existing Policy. By submitting this form You accept the current Policy.

Any reference “You”, “Yours”, etc. is interpreted as a mention of the Website's User, an entity of the existing Policy and a Cookie Policy.

The company complies with security of its Users’, wares and service data and the existing personal life privacy protection laws, including international agreements ratified by The Republic of Kazakhstan.

Users shall be acknowledged that by using some of the links posted on the Website they may be directed to websites, applications, etc. of other companies that are out of Company’s web hosting boundaries (e.g. Facebook, Google+, Vkontakte, etc.) where the information is collected independently. On this occasion, a third-party websites or applications’ Privacy Policies will regulate the processing order of all data  collected by these third-party elements.

Users of age 16-18 must become aware of the existing Policy's terms while being supervised by their parents or other legal representatives. We are not responsible for our Users’ age identification, however, we may conduct appropriate checks. On the occasion that the data gathered is collected from an individual of age under 16 without the permit from their legal representatives, we shall immediately delete that data and may forbid said individual from accessing the corresponding website.

2. Terms of Data Access

While providing the services of the Website or correlated tools, the Company acts conscientiously and in good faith on the basis of the User:

  • Has all the necessary rights to register on the Website and use it and all the correlated services;

  • Provides relevant data in amount sufficient for the use of the Website and its correlated services.

3. Personal Data Processing Purpose

The Company processes the data collected on Users, including their personal information in order to fulfill the Company’s obligations to Users in relation to the usage of the Website and its correlated services according to international agreements and laws of states-owners of the digital hosting resources.

Private data purposed for the use of the Website and its correlated services — any information, directly or indirectly related to an identified or an identifiable individual — a subject to personal data. The processing of personal data is an any action (operation) or a sequence of action (operations), executed to personal data with or without automated means including data collection, recording, arrangement, accumulation, storing, correction (update or alteration), withdrawal, use, transfer (distribution, provision of access), depersonalization, prohibition, deletion and extermination.

  • What information is collected

  • Where information is collected from

  • Why information is collected

  • Who information is shared with or sold to

4. Classification of Collected and Used Private Data

The Company automatically collects the following personal data when You use the Website and its correlated services:

a. A technical information, including an Internet Protocol address (IP) used by Your computer to access the Internet, Your login, browser version, date and time settings, browser extensions’ versions, OS and platform information.

b.Your browser history, including website URLs, date and time of visit; goods You searched for or were interested in; page response time, loading errors, the length of use or visit of specific pages, data on page interaction (cursor pointing, clicking and scrolling data) and means used to change the page.

The information is used to improve the work of the Website and its correlated services, to reach our administrative goals and to protect our business interests.

10. Additions to Policy

The existing Policy may be redacted, altered or/and updated by the Company in any suitable time without notifying the User.When the alterations are made, the corresponding notification is to be posted on the Website and correlated services’ homepage.The related date of the update can be found on the Policy’s initial page.
We strongly recommend Users to check this page for changes.All Users comply with them being personally responsible for periodical acknowledgment of the latest version of the Policy.

By using the Website and its correlated services the User automatically agrees with the current Policy.
On occasion of User disagreeing with the current Policy, we recommend immediately cease using the Website and its correlated services.

After the updated version of the Policy and it being posted on the Website and its correlated services any further interaction with the Website and its correlated services will be interpreted as an agreement with the updated Policy regulations.

If You have questions, use the to contact our support team.

5. Contact and Auxiliary Information

Your contact information is used only via the “Contact us” page and includes only Your name and contact information. Nevertheless, You can contact us in various messenger applications (e.g. WhatsApp, Telegram). By using the “Contact us” page, You can choose the amount of personal information provided. However, on occasion that the amount of it is insufficient the administration of the Website may decline your inquiry. Your contact information may incorporate only Your personal data. On occasions the Website requires more data or You willingly agree to provide additional information the amount of collected data will increase to collect the additional data in an amount only sufficient to use the Website fully and correctly. On occasion of inquiry submission You automatically accept the existing Policy.

7. Data Storage

During the Users’ and Visitors’ personal data collection, the Company provides storing, classification, accumulation, correction (update or alteration) and withdrawal of Your personal information with the use of databases located in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

All personal data processed by the Company will not be stored longer than it needs to be. The Company will store Your personal information during the whole term of the agreement between You and the Company and for as long as it is allowed after the agreement has ended if it is necessary to achieve the goals, explained in the current Policy.

Your personal data is stored in a way that allows to identify its subject individual, but not  for longer than it is required by the personal data processing goals, on occasion the storage time is not predefined by the existing law. In particular, all processed personal data is to be deleted or depersonalized immediately after the processing goal has been reached or when it becomes redundant, if other options are not determined by the existing law. The Company may store special information after all agreement obligations have been fulfilled, in order to comply with the existing law, to resolve conflicts, to prevent fraud or abuse and to comply with the Privacy Policy terms. Certain specific personal data of Users are stored for 12 months in order to analyze Users’ Website behavioral activity in a depersonalized form.

The storage time of the necessary data may be extended if it is for tax law compliance. In particular, the data on the purchase of wares, subscriptions and access may be stored by the Company for 5 years or until the end of tax inspection, depending on which happens the latest, Other personal data will be deleted after 12 months from the moment the User’s account suspension has been confirmed.

We will discontinue processing Your data if You object against it, or if You canceled Your acceptance of the personal data processing that was previously acquired by the Company.

8. Violation of the rights of personal data subjects.

Subjects of the personal data processed by the Company have all the rights and realization possibilities in compliance with the existing law regulations. In particular, the Company states the following User rights:

  • The right on information acquisition — upon Your request during the collection process, we will provide You with information on Your personal data collection and usage, in particular, on this data processing goals, storage time and by whom it will be classified. If we acquire Your personal data from other sources, we will notify You within an appropriate amount of time after data acquisition, but no later than 1 month, excluding occasions of You already having this information or providing You with this information requires inadequate efforts;

  • The right of access — You have the right to receive the confirmation of Your personal data being processed and the access to Your personal data, if necessary. On occasion Your personal data being transferred to a third-party state, You have the right of receiving the information on Your rights that related to the transfer;

  • The right of correction — You have the right to correct or to add to inaccurate information on occasion the data is not complete by submitting a correction request in oral or written form;

  • The right of processing restriction — You may submit a request on restricting or deleting Your personal data. On occasion the processing was restricted the restricted personal data should be processed only with the subject’s consent excluding the storing or using the data to identify, execute or protect legal requirements or to protect the other physical or legal entity or because of the vital social interest.In certain jurisdictions, laws of which are applied to particular Users’ personal data, these Users are provided with the different set of rights.

9. The Privacy and Security of personal data.

We take Your personal data privacy and security very seriously. We maintain security measures in order to prevent occasional deletion, loss, alteration, unauthorized declassification, unauthorized access and other criminal or unauthorized activities related to data. The security measures are a part of the whole process of personal data processing and are executed with the compliance with the applicable laws.  

We do not reveal this information to the third-party, but with Your consent according to the existing Policy regulations, or if we decide that the reveal is necessary on legal purpose (e.g. You or other individuals are being threatened) and in compliance with the applicable law.

The Website may contain links to third-party supported websites, whose means of data processing and data privacy are different from ours (e.g. payment processing). We are not responsible for data or security measures used by such third parties. We recommend You become aware of all third-party websites' privacy policies before using them or providing them or via them with Your personal data or any personal information.

6. Data Processing Principles.

The processing of the personal information is based on the following principles:

  • The legality of goals and means of personal information processing;

  • The integrity of use of the personal data;

  • The correlation between personal data processing goals and the goals, that were defined and set in advance as the goals of personal data processing and are in the competence of the Company;

  • The correlations between the amount and parameters of the processed personal data and between the means of personal data processing and its goals;

  • The prohibition of merging databases that are created for incompatible goals and contain personal information