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SIM-card dispenser This self-service device allows users to issue and acquire a brand-new SIM card in a minute while completely eliminating the possibility of fraud due to smart biometrics and Face ID identification systems.

SIM-card dispenser

The SIM-card dispenser can be decorated according to your company’s design

It can be painted with all RAL colors. A powder coating is a resilient and universal solution as its being used by thousands of clients of yours.

Configurable number of cells

Configurable number of cells

We can set the planogram to separate SIM-cards with different data plans.

Vast amount of stored SIM-cards

The normal threshold of a SIM-card dispenser is 500 units. We can enlarge that number according to Your requirements.

Offline payment

Offline payment

Diversified configuration option allows to install a payment equipment, which gives a possibility to pay for the service.

To identify and scan all type of documents

Scanner functionality

QR-code scanner will easily detect the phone number which is connected to the card and the ID scanner leaves no chance to scammers.