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SEM Matic It is an independent self-service device that provides you with the ability to acquire a personal bank card in less than a minute. It identifies the user via Face ID.

SEM Matic

How to get your personal bank card?

The kiosk can be decorated according to your company’s design

It can be painted with all RAL colors. A powder coating is a resilient and universal solution as its being used by thousands of clients of yours.

Card Separator

Card Separator

Our self-service device can separate your cards into credit cards, debit cards, and premium card categories.

Camera equipped with a biometric scanner

To identify your clients and communicate with them via Face ID

Camera equipped with a biometric scanner

The high-res camera with built-in Face ID leaves no chance for scammers to use false identities.

Compartment for forgotten cards

Compartment for forgotten cards

With our separate section for forgotten cards, even the most disorganized client can rest assured that their cards are safe. If the client forgets his card, it will be automatically stored in the cell.

Large touchscreen

With multilingualness and a thought-out UX, users can easily grasp the buttons and the menu.

Swift production of personal bank cards

An advanced embosser will issue a personal card in less than a minute by printing all the required data on the card with a low chance of defect.